The CPA Exam Mentorship You Deserve

Ultimate CPA Exam Guide (U.C.E.G.) Is A Proven Step-By-Step Method For CPA Candidates To Study Smarter, Reduce Your Risk Of Failure & Increase Your Earning Power For The Rest Of Your Career That Includes:

Tailored Mentorship/Coaching For Brand New & Struggling CPA Candidates --> ✔️

Blueprint To Go From Hoping You Are Doing This Right... To Knowing You Are --> ✔️

1) Complete My Online Training Modules & Learn The U.C.E.G. Method
2) Receive Snapshot Mentorship Sessions From Me (Based On Your Mentorship Profile)
3) Join Our Private Study Group & Ask Questions
4) Use My CPA Course Tutorials, Checklists & Planners To Optimize How You Study
5) Apply Everything You've Learned to Your Routine & CPA Review Course
6) Execute & Succeed!

Time Commitment?
Go At Your Own Pace. It's All Digital & Downloadable. 24/7 Access.

You Will Receive Unlimited Mentorship Support From Myself & My Team Of CPA Exam Experts Via Email & Text Until You Pass.

30 Day
Guarantee We Will Transform You From Struggling... To Confident In Your Ability To Pass OR Your Money Back.
--> ✔️

Community Of CPA Candidates?
The Most Valuable Piece Of Ultimate CPA Exam Guide Is Getting To Join Our Thriving Facebook Group Of Highly Motivated CPA Candidates. We Are All In This Together.

Work With My CPA Prep Course?
Absolutely. The U.C.E.G. Method Can Be Applied To Any CPA Review Course! We have official partnerships with the top CPA prep courses and bundle our mentorship services together. Check out our best bundle deal here:
Wiley CPAexcel Platinum Bundle

Does This Actually Get Results?
Absolutely! We Have Hundreds Of Success Stories With Candidates Passing With Any/All The Major CPA Prep Courses -
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Your "Unfair Advantage" To Passing

It's not the CPA prep course you use that matters... but HOW you use it. That's where Ultimate CPA Exam Guide fits into the equation!


So... You Have A Choice.

You can keep trying to figure out how to pass the CPA exam on your own...

...studying & praying you are doing everything you need to be doing (and hope you aren't making costly mistakes)

OR... You can join Ultimate CPA Exam Guide [the shortcut to learning exactly how to pass the CPA exam & avoiding rookie mistakes].

And YES! Before You Ask...

This Is Designed For Busy Accountants Who Barely Have Time To Study (And Need A Push To Get This Thing Done And Passed)

Here's How It Works With Your CPA Review Course

(Or ANY Major CPA Review Course For That Matter)

#Team U.C.E.G. + CPAexcel

#Team U.C.E.G. + UWorld Roger

#Team U.C.E.G. + Yaeger

#Team U.C.E.G. + Becker

What Is Ultimate CPA Exam Guide Exactly?

Includes instant access to our complete digital CPA Exam Mentorship program which includes an online course, personalized mentorship, access to CPA exam experts & an exclusive study group for our mentees.

To help flatten your learning curve, I created 7 complete step-by-step training modules to take you by the hand and show you exactly how to implement the U.C.E.G. Method and pass the CPA exam.

BRAND NEW (LIMITED AVAILABILITY) FEATURE: Personalized Mentorship Training sent to you! After you complete our mentorship profile questionnaire, we will dig into your situation and put together mentorship sessions based on what you share. No more trial and error trying to figure everything out, we will be proactive and show you how to pass based on your situation (at no additional charge!) More on this in a moment.

  • A step-by-step digital course that walks you through EVERYTHING to passing the CPA Exam no matter what CPA Review Course you use. Specifically, we love helping Future CPAs using...
    Gleim CPA Review
    Roger CPA Review
    Becker CPA Review
    Wiley CPAexcel
    Yaeger CPA Review
    Fast Forward Academy
    Surgent CPA Review
    And More...  
  • Login 24/7 (all digital and downloadable)  
  • And we have a full support system (no question unanswered) AND community of 1000+ amazing CPA candidates (all levels to help support you, etc.)
  • LIMITED TIME: When you enroll today we will include 4 VIP bonuses designed to help you study even more efficiently AND a free CPA Exam Notetaking Masterclass (normally $97).
  • Don't have a CPA review course yet? We have you covered with the Mentorship Bundles we have put together with the leading CPA review course companies. More on this below!

Here's What Ultimate CPA Exam Guide Does For You

Unfair Advantage #1:

Snapshot CPA Exam Mentorship Sessions

GOAL: Give You Tailored Advice Based On Your Specific Situation + Eliminate CPA Exam Confusion, Frustration & Overwhelm Within The Next 30 Days.

To help you pass, we need to know your current situation & struggles. To do this we have you complete a U.C.E.G. Mentorship Profile. This allows us to provide tailored advice based on your situation.

Instead of just studying and praying, you will have someone (ME!) to give you a concrete plan of attack that is based on your current situation.

How much stress would this save you? After mentoring well over 1,000+ CPA candidates I have seen it all and can help you solve your most pressing struggles within the next 30 days or less.

Based on your mentorship profile, we will send you Snapshot CPA Exam Mentorship Sessions.

You can review these sessions 24/7 at your convenience.

You can also request additional feedback from our team of CPA exam experts or share your thoughts in our private study group.

Watch the demo video to get a clearer understanding of how the mentorship session works and will skyrocket your confidence.



FUN FACT: This questionnaire is not a random collection of questions, but based on thousands of support tickets and questions I've received and resolved over the years.

With over 1000 CPA candidates in our program, I have experience solving every imaginable question or situation you may find yourself in.

Which is how I can provide personalized mentorship at scale. To better understand this process watch the Step #1 video above.

Ready To Fill Out A U.C.E.G. Mentorship Profile?


Unfair Advantage #2:

The 7 U.C.E.G. Method Training Modules & Support

GOAL: Help You Achieve The Atomic Effect In Record Time

Watch Me Walkthrough How To Achieve The Atomic Effect


Fun Fact: Ultimate CPA Exam Guide's Online Training Can Be...

  • Accessed on any mobile or computer device 24/7
  • Is all digital and downloadable (for those ventures into non-internet connected locations)
  • I offer support for CPA Candidates who use ALL the major CPA Review Courses (Roger + Becker + Wiley CPAexcel + Yaeger + Gleim + Fast Forward Academy + Surgent and more...)
  • You will instantly receive access once your enrolled via email and password

Ready To Implement The U.C.E.G. Method?


To make the mentorship process even faster, I created an online course walking thru the exact steps you need to take to pass the CPA exam.

I even include CPA review course specific tutorials!

This training is all about helping you make the right decisions, at the right time, and in the right order so you can succeed!

Here's a sample of what you will accomplish by investing your time in our program. You'll learn HOW TO:

  • MODULE #1: Maintain a positive mental mindset regardless of what happens.
  • MODULE #2: Plan the timing of each section you take (or retake) with perfection.
  • MODULE #3: Study based on your unique study personality to cut the fluff out of your study routine.
  • MODULE #4: Make enough time to study (no matter your schedule).
  • MODULE #5: Use your CPA review course (or any of the other major CPA review courses) to implement Study Loops & Study Funnels. My most popular study methods.
  • MODULE #6: Become a super test taker and defeat test anxiety.
  • MODULE #7: Recover from passing and/or failing a section.
  • BONUS MODULE: Master the art of note-taking.
  • Private Study Group: To answer any of your specific questions.
  • Unlimited Email Support from our CPA exam experts
  • And much more

Does Ultimate CPA Exam Guide Get Results?

What's The Common Trend That The Successful CPAs Above Have?

  • They all found a CPA exam mentorship program (Ultimate CPA Exam Guide)
  • Some tried to recreate the wheel on their own first – it didn’t go well…
  • Others sought to find the shortcut to learning how to pass before they even started – it went well! 
  • They all followed the U.C.E.G. Method 

What Is The U.C.E.G. Method & How Can You Get In On The Trend?

Way back in 2012 I created a tiny blog about my struggles with passing the CPA exam and how I overcame them.

One day it started to gain some traction and people all over the world out of the blue started reaching out and thanking me for teaching them how to fix what they were doing wrong and helping them increase their CPA exam scores.

And I got ADDICTED to hearing these amazing results!

But I also started hearing from folks that they wanted more.

They wanted a community of CPA candidates they could trust so they wouldn't feel so alone.

They wanted in-depth videos sharing what works and doesn't work when studying with worksheets and tutorials.

They wanted to know how their CPA review courses work and how they should use them based on their study personalities etc...

So I listened... I spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours to create a complete online course (Ultimate CPA Exam Guide) detailing step by step how to implement what's now called the U.C.E.G. Method...

...what rookie mistakes to avoid... to make the CPA exam a priority even if you are working full time...

...ways to make your journey to passing the CPA exam be not so lonely...

...and much more.

When Ultimate CPA Exam Guide launched in 2015, I had no idea what was going to happen.

But something VERY curious started to happen to the Future CPAs who joined Ultimate CPA Exam Guide...

Folks who had failed 8+ times, folks with sub-3.0 GPAs in college, folks working crazy hours and even recent graduates... 

...were kicking the CPA exam's butt because they had a method to follow as they studied that they could tailor to their CPA review course.

AND a CPA exam mentor to help tailor their plan of attack.

Meet Me & My Family ⬆️

 ⬇️Meet My U.C.E.G. Method

Question Of The Day... What's All This Cost? 

Ready To Join? Pick One Of The Options Below:

Don't Have A CPA Review Course Yet?

I've Got You Covered With The U.C.E.G. Mentorship Marketplace

Save Up To $2,197 Off When You Bundle Ultimate CPA Exam Guide With Your Favorite CPA Review Course

Pick Your CPA Review Course To Bundle With Here

"Ultimate CPA Exam Guide has been exceptional and a true blessing! Although I took-- and failed-- the CPA exam a while back, I felt it was necessary to take things slowly, step-by-step this time around.

Ultimate CPA Exam Guide provides a sound, detailed road map to how to conquer this beast of an exam. The study loop checklists-- and the modules explaining how to utilize them-- have really helped me not feel overwhelmed while studying... 

I should've invested in U.C.E.G. eons ago; I most likely would've been a CPA by now." 

Karenja Ultimate CPA Exam Guide Graduate


We've got A's for your Q's

Is This A CPA Review Course?

No. Ultimate CPA Exam Guide is a mentorship program for CPA candidates. We will teach you HOW to use your CPA Review Course AND support you until you pass. We do bundle with multiple CPA review courses which include both our mentorship program + all the study materials you need to pass.  

How do I know if Ultimate CPA Exam Guide is right for me?

Are you spinning your wheels? Do you feel like you can't grasp what you are studying? Do you feel like you don't have enough time to study? Have you failed the CPA exam? Then Ultimate CPA Exam Guide is absolutely for you!

I haven't been approved to sit for the CPA exam yet... Is this for me?

Absolutely. Our mentorship program will teach you step-by-step how to sign up for the CPA exam the right way and everything you need to do before you even start the process. You will also have lifetime access to the training and all future updates will be free.

Do you support my CPA review course?

Yes. absolutely! We work with all of the major CPA review courses to ensure our study tactics can be implemented with all the prep courses. We are also the trusted mentorship program of Roger CPA Review, Wiley CPAexcel, Gleim CPA Review & Yaeger CPA Review.  

When can I get started?

Right away! When you enroll today you will get instant access to everything. The training is fully downloadable and viewable on any of your devices.  

Bryan, what if I buy and want a refund? What's the policy?

We make this process simple. If at any point in the first 30 days of enrolling you decide we aren't the right fit for your CPA exam journey then just contact us at [email protected] and we will refund your order. 

There Are 3 Types Of CPA Candidates I Like Working With

CPA Candidates who are brand new to the entire CPA exam process and want a head start on the process by utilizing a qualified CPA exam mentor

CPA Candidates who are currently studying for the CPA exam but are feeling lost or overwhelmed and need help to keep their head above water.

CPA Candidates who have failed the CPA exam and are struggling to recover and are beginning to doubt their abilities to pass this exam.

I’ve helped hundreds of CPA candidates implement the U.C.E.G. Method and have perfected the process so you can get the results you need fast.  

I believe in transformation, not information.

And that means you have the support you need to truly transform how you tackle the CPA exam. Whether that means completing our online training or receiving 1-on-1 help in our exclusive community or from our support team…

I've Got Your Back.

Complete CPA Exam Mentorship Until You Pass

Here's What's Included + Our Limited Time Bonuses For Enrolling Today:

  • Unlimited access until you pass & login is 24/7 (via username & password) to the U.C.E.G. Online Course Platform
  • Personalized CPA Exam Mentorship Sessions From Bryan Kesler, CPA - Based On Your U.C.E.G. Mentorship Profile You Will Send Us ($499 Value)
  • 7 Kickbutt Step by Step Modules - Learn Complete U.C.E.G. Method & Apply It To Your CPA Review Course ($499 Value)
  • Exclusive Community Of 800+ Motivated U.C.E.G. Graduates ($199 Value)
  • Access To Worldclass Email Support From Our CPA Exam Experts ($199 Value)
  • Comes with 30 Day Risk-Free U.C.E.G. Guarantee

Limited Time Bonuses & Special Offers For Enrolling Today:

  • Bonus #1: U.C.E.G. Course Planner ($49 Value)
  • Bonus #2: CPA Exam Digital Assistant ($49 Value)
  • Bonus #3: CPA Review Course Specific Video Tutorials ($199 Value)
  • Bonus #4: CPA Review Course Specific Study Checklists ($99 Value)
  • SPECIAL OFFER: CPA Exam Note Taking Mastery Class (normally $97)

Total Value: $1,889 - but you can get started today for just:

$67 Today, Then 11 Payments Of $67/Mo.


Enrolling In U.C.E.G. Is Easy & Risk-Free

Select The Best Enrollment Option + Secure Your Bonuses By Clicking Below:

$67 Today, Then 11 Payments Of $67/Month

VIP PROMO: $804 $697 (Save $107)

If you have any questions about this training, contact [email protected]

Let's Recap

Here's Everything That You Get When You Enroll In Ultimate CPA Exam Guide Today

Meet Your Mentors
Special Bonuses & Offers!

[ Want To Know Who Is Going To Support You? ]

Meet Your U.C.E.G. Mentors

Bryan Kesler, CPA
Head Mentor + Founder of Ultimate CPA Exam Guide

I'm Here To Teach You Cutting Edge Study Tactics & Strategies

Willam Buscher, CPA Realtor, Entrepreneur & CPA Candidate Success Manager

He's Here To Help You Blow Up Your Scores ;)

Rachel Kesler My Wife, Aerialist & CPA Candidate Cheerleader Extraordinaire

She's Here To Calm Your Nerves & Push You To Pass!

[ Want Someone To Tell You What To Do Based On Your Situation? ]

Personalized Mentorship Sessions From Bryan

Insert Your Name Above!

Personalized CPA Exam Mentorship

Step #1: After you enroll today, complete the U.C.E.G. Mentorship Profile Questionaire.  

Step #2: I send you personalized mentorship sessions based on the information you share with us (in the form of video).

END RESULT: I will provide an action plan based on your specific situation ASAP so that you can stop having to find answers to all these questions and focus on what matters. Studying and passing the CPA exam!

[ Want Someone To Show You HOW To Pass? ]

Follow The Seven U.C.E.G. Online Training Modules

All modules are digital and downloadable (includes slides + MP3s) and include downloadable worksheets and checklists that work hand in hand with your CPA Review Course

Login is available 24/7 + Lifetime access included

Access Anytime & Learn At Your Own Pace!

Here's What You Will Accomplish By Completing Each Module:

MODULE #1: CPA Exam Mindset Transformation [To Avoid The Loony Bin]

Step #1: Prep for the mental games the AICPA will play with you on your journey to passing the CPA Exam. Step #2: Overcome any fears, test anxiety or overwhelm you currently have Step #3: Beat down the obstacles that are holding you back from being the best CPA Candidates you can be.

END RESULT: You will be able to avoid dreaded CPA exam depression and overwhelm as you take the CPA exam by transforming your CPA exam mindset.

MODULE #2: Planning Your CPA Exam Journey [So You Don’t Get Mugged Along The Way]

Step #1: Understand what you are being tested on  

Step #2: Be flexible as you plan your roadmap to passing  

Step #3: Understand how to sign up, re-schedule and retake (if necessary) each section (US & international candidates included!)

END RESULT: You will have the steps to follow on how to schedule and sign up for the CPA exam the right way that will minimize your risk of wasting time and money.

MODULE #3: Your Study Personality + CPA Study Tools To Use [Maximize Your Productivity Like A Boss]

Everything you need to do to maximize how you use your CPA review course  

Step #1: Pick the right study materials for your study personality  

Step #2: Use them productively by cutting out the busy work and fluff

END RESULT: You can confidently use your CPA review course to maximize the speed, accuracy and understanding of the AICPA blueprints that you will need to understand in order to pass the CPA exam.

Ready To Enroll?

Click Here To Start

MODULE #4: Make Time To CPA [To Avoid Becoming A Jerk-A-Saurus] 

Step #1: Complete life audit to center your life around the CPA exam  

Step #2: Learn how to juggle work + personal life + study life by setting the right type of study goals  

Step #3: Create an accountability team around you to keep you focused and on schedule

END RESULT: You will add an additional 30-45 minutes (or more) of MEANINGFUL study time to every study day in your week.

MODULE #5: Illustriously Effective Study Methods To Implement

Step #1: Implement CPA Exam Study Loops.  

Helps you keep everything in focus by constantly learning and reviewing.  

Step #2: Implement A Final Review Study Funnel.  

Tie everything together in your final 10-14 days of studying.

END RESULT: You will have a daily study routine to follow with your CPA review course that will ensure you maximize your time and help you recall everything you need to pass the CPA exam.

MODULE #6: Becoming A Super Test Taker [Without Hurting Yourself]

Step #1: Beating test anxiety at the Prometric center  

Step #2: Understand the psychology of multiple choice question creators to avoid getting tripped up  

Step #3: Master practice simulations with the 7 Step Simulation Domination Blueprint 

END RESULT: You WILL overcome test anxiety, understand how to quickly and accurately answer MCQs and will be confident as you are preparing for simulations.

MODULE #7: Post Exam Recovery Cocktail [Cover All Your Bases]

Step #1: Determine what to do from the moment you walk out of the Prometric Center until score release day. (massive opportunity for momentum swings)  

Step #2: Fail? Implement the 9 Step Failure Recovery Catapult to bounce back with a plan of attack.  

Step #3: Pass? Implement the 4 Step Ego Check Method to stay foused and motivated

END RESULT: After you sit for each section you will have a concrete plan of attack regardless of what happens. No loss of focus or motivation.

[ Need A Trusted Community? ]

U.C.E.G. Private Study Group

No Memes, No Negativity, No Trolls!

Ultimate CPA Exam Guide Private Study Group Mastermind

Step #1: Create a fake Facebook Profile (so you can cancel your other time wasting social media accounts). Join the group after you enroll and introduce yourself and your situation. Connect with other CPA candidates in a similar situation!

Step #2: As you have questions, search the existing posts for the answer. If not answered already... Ask away!

Step #3: Either I or someone who has experienced what you are asking will respond :)  

END RESULT: You will connect with other motivated CPA candidates & myself and never have to worry about having a question about what to do or feel alone again!

SPECIAL OFFER #1: CPA Exam Note Taking Mastery Class

Learn proven strategies for staying organized and efficient as you create your own study materials and notes.

Learn the technology available and the old fashion methods that still work like a charm.

This class is normally $97 but is included in your Ultimate CPA Exam Guide account automatically when you enroll today!

BONUS #1: U.C.E.G. Course Planner ($49 Value)

Having a CPA exam mentor can be overwhelming.

To help keep you organized and on track I developed the perfect planner for you to follow as you progress thru the program.

It's the first thing I recommend you download and is included in your Ultimate CPA Exam Guide account automatically when you enroll today!

BONUS #2: CPA Exam Digital Assistant ($49 Value)

Having the right context going into any type of training is important!

This is why I developed a CPA Exam Digital Assistant to put each training module in perspective for you so you can go into the training understanding what to expect and what to look for!

This is crucial for you to optimize your time and speed of learning our methodologies and all of this is included in your Ultimate CPA Exam Guide account automatically when you enroll today!

BONUS #3: Complete CPA Review Course Tutorials ($199 Value)

Figuring out HOW to use a CPA Review Course can be overwhelming.

This is why it's best to have a CPA exam mentor who can teach you the ins and outs of how your course works. I've had the privilege of being a "CPA Review Course consultant" since 2012 and have been given access to all of the major CPA Review Courses understand exactly how they work and how you should use them based on your learning style.

This is the first thing I recommend you complete AFTER you've gone thru the 7 primary U.C.E.G. Modules and understand how the U.C.E.G. Method works.

And of course all of these study tutorials for Becker, Wiley CPAexcel, Roger CPA Review, Yaeger CPA Review, Gleim CPA Review and Surgent CPA Review are included in your Ultimate CPA Exam Guide account automatically when you enroll today!

BONUS #4: CPA Review Course Specific Study Checklists ($99 Value)

It's not enough to just watch a tutorial on how to use your CPA review course...

You need a printable checklist that is specific to your course and is designed to keep you on track so you can quickly implement study loops and study funnels.

I have CPA Review Course specific study checklists for Becker, Wiley CPAexcel, Roger CPA Review, Yaeger CPA Review, Gleim CPA Review and Surgent CPA Review are included in your Ultimate CPA Exam Guide account automatically when you enroll today!

[ What's Next? ]

So If You Want To Explore Implementing The U.C.E.G. Method With My Help...

...then enroll now by clicking below

Enroll In Ultimate CPA Exam Guide Below:

Need A Mentor + A CPA Review Course?

I've Got You Covered With The U.C.E.G. Mentorship Marketplace

Save Up To $1,797 Off When You Bundle Ultimate CPA Exam Guide With Your Favorite CPA Review Course

Will You Be My Next Success Story?

As a CPA Exam mentor I LOVE bragging about my amazing CPA candidates.

And what kind of mentor would I be if I didn’t share a handful of my favorites success stories!

Now I share these success stories with you not because I can guarantee you will get the same results.


(If I did that guys in suits would show up at my door to shut me down.)

I share these stories to show you what is possible when you implement the U.C.E.G. Method on your journey to passing the CPA exam.

These are the results of following the method and putting in the HARD work necessary to pass!

Enroll In Ultimate CPA Exam Guide Below:

Need A Mentor + Fresh CPA Exam Study Materials?

I've Got You Covered With The U.C.E.G. Mentorship Marketplace

Save Up To $1,797 Off When You Bundle Ultimate CPA Exam Guide With Your Favorite CPA Review Course

[ About Bryan ]

Bryan Kesler, CPA has been a CPA exam mentor since 2015 and has coached hundreds of CPA candidates around the world on how to pass the CPA exam.

After discovering exactly what it takes to pass the CPA exam after failing the CPA exam multiple times, Bryan decided to share his story with the world.

His website, podcast and youtube channel have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times by CPA candidates across the world.

He has made it his life mission to work with CPA Candidates who just can't seem to figure out how to pass the CPA exam. To transform their mindset, to give them the focus and motivation they need to pass.

This program helps accounting professionals like yourself save time, money and frustration on your journey to passing the CPA exam.


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